Need to Know

Paying University Charges with Financial Aid

  • Registration Fees: Registration fees are automatically deferred if the award includes grant, loan or scholarship aid. Providing there is no previous balance due on your student account, you may register in classes. Once registered, the resulting fee charges will be deferred until financial aid for the term is applied to your account. If fees are not fully covered by financial aid, there will be a balance due which must be paid in full before you may register for the following term.
  • Housing & Meal Programs: You may defer payments for on-campus housing and meal plans if your total award equals or exceeds the cost of registration fees plus the cost of housing and meal contracts. Federal Work-Study is not included in the calculation.
  • If the award consists solely of a Stafford Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized), or a Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), registration fees may still be deferred. Accept the loan on If you haven't borrowed before, choose a lender. If remaining PLUS loan funds are to be returned to the student, the PLUS borrower authorization form is available at the SAO website. Complete and return the form to SAO.
  • View the schedule of payments and due dates.