National Student Exchange - Non-Cal Poly Students

Students from other NSE schools who plan to attend at least one quarter at Cal Poly may be eligible for funding. Cal Poly is the host school and the original school is the home school.

Schools with Plan A

Cal Poly funds eligible students who have filed the FAFSA. Fees are paid to Cal Poly. Please note:

Schools with Plan B

Cal Poly does not fund. The student applies for aid from the home school and pays fees to the home school. Student's home school will send financial aid to be disbursed at Cal Poly and students should contact the home school for more information.

Please note: The priority filing date for the FAFSA in California is March 2 for the following academic year.


Cal Poly Financial Aid Office
(805) 756-2927

National Student Exchange Program

Cal Poly International Education & Programs
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