Study Abroad & Domestic Study Programs

Cal Poly Administered/Affiliated

Students participating in Cal Poly administered or affiliated programs including department exchanges are eligible for financial aid through Cal Poly unless otherwise noted.

Cal Poly-Led programs administered by Cal Poly are:

Cal Poly International Exchanges:

Study Abroad programs affiliated through:

Note: Cal Poly students who elect to participate in programs administered by schools or organizations that have no connection with Cal Poly are not eligible to receive financial aid funding through Cal Poly.  This could include attending another United States university or going on a foreign program sponsored by another United States university.  These students are advised to contact the sponsoring university's Financial Aid Office for information.

For Financial Aid funding for these programs, students must:

Aid Administration:

Contact Cal Poly International Center for more information:

Cal Poly International Center
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0721
(805) 756-1477