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Important Cal Grant Enrollment Information

Cal Grant is pro-rated for less than full-time enrollment. Your Cal Grant will not disburse if you are in less than 12 units. If you increase to 12 or more units during the add/drop period the grant will disburse automatically. If you remain in less than 12 units your Cal Grant will be finalized based on the number of units in which you are enrolled at the end of the add/drop deadline for the quarter and the pro-rated amount disbursed approximately 10 days after the add/drop revision deadline. Please see the chart below for amounts.

Cal Grant A or B Fees Undergraduate Credential
12 units $1914 $2220
9-11 units $1436 $1665
6-8 units $957 $1110
Cal Grant Access Undergraduate Credential
12 units $557 $557
9-11 units $418 $418
6-8 units $279 $279

The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) awards Cal Grants to California residents.

Cal Grant A
Cal Grant B

Award information is available online at WebGrants for Students. To set up your account (if you haven't already done so), log in and click on "Cal Grants".

If you do not currently have a Cal Grant, learn if you may qualify and how to apply:

If you believe you have been awarded a Cal Grant and do not see it on your Cal Poly award, please check the following items before contacting our office:
1. Create your account on CSAC's site Web Grants for Students and make sure Cal Poly is listed as your top school.
2. Check your account to see if you have a Cal Grant and if it is on hold. CSAC should have instructions on their website regarding how to release the hold.
3. Check your Cal Poly to-do list. If you have been selected for verification submit the requested documents as soon as possible as we are not able to confirm eligibility for your Cal Grant and award it until after verification is completed.

Cal Grant GPA Verification (click here)

If you have a current Cal Grant award you do NOT need to complete a GPA verification, but you do need to file the 2019-20 FAFSA after October 1, 2018, and before March 4, 2019.

California Chafee Grant Program (click here)

A federal educational voucher program which provides awards to former foster youths between the ages of 16 and 21.

You may check the current status of your Cal Grant on CSAC's web site at any time at:

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