Additional Sources of Financial Aid

Veteran's Benefits

Available to dependents of veterans who died or became disabled as a result of service in the military.

Cal-Vet Educational Assistance

College fee waiver program for veterans' dependents.

Cal Poly's Cooperative Education Program

Paid opportunities for students to gain professional experience in their major. Students who "co-op" also get course credit while they work.


Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) offers two and three year scholarships. Contact the Military Science Department for annual deadline and application information.

State Aid for the Disabled

Financial help for eligible disabled students.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Aid to need-eligible students whose family holds an enrollment membership from a tribe eligible for services from the Department of Education. The BIA is responsible for reviewing and awarding all BIA grants.

HELP (Higher Education Learning Partners)

Offered to students who provide community service through the Student Community Services Center at Cal Poly. Affiliated with AmeriCorps , HELP strives to develop a regional network of student leaders committed to serving and strengthening their local communities.

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